"Chlorine and Filters
are ineffective against cryptosporidium"
Your ONLY defense is UVO
Throwing more and more chlorine at the problem can be expensive and will NOT work. There is an easy way to eliminate these health risks and swim in a healthy, clean, crystal clear pool.
How does UVO  work ...
… Using your existing pool pump, water is circulated through the UVO3 chamber where it is sterilized to the quality of drinking water and then returned to the pool.
Renaissance automatically regulates water flow through the chamber for maximum sterilization and minimum impact on other equipment. Engineered for use with single, dual and variable speed pumps.
Uses no chemicals, minerals or metals, just pure light and pure oxygen to maximize removal of contaminators.
One of the most striking thing about this report is that 77% of these outbreaks are happening in treated water



Don’t be too quick to blame the hot dog from the street vendor or the sandwich left out in the sun too long for the upset stomach or dare I say diarrhea. The culprit could be in the pool with you. It has become more and more common for your swim buddies to be Crypto or Giardia.

These chlorine resistant parasites are the most common cause of intestinal illness in the United States and because they are resistant to chlorine, they are also a common swimming companion for many.

Exposure to these parasites can go from discomfort to serious illnesses. The CDC states contamination is increasing in the U.S.

Irritated Red Eyes, Chlorine Smell and Itchy Skin is your body telling you something is wrong.


The Red eyes, itchy skin, and reaction to chlorine smells is your body’s response to exposure to toxic substances in your pool.
Red eyes are your body’s way of telling you it is being exposed to levels of chloro-organic-compounds including THM’s – a known carcinogen. Red eyes and rashes are the most instant obvious effect and should be considered signals of a more serious risk. On average, bathers will absorb about half a liter of pool water every hour. For this reason alone your pool water should be good enough to drink 


Still not convinced?
Here's what people are saying about UVO  
Yes it does.
As powerful as UV and Ozone are as sanitizers they have one issue - they do not stay in the water long enough to build up a residual. Which means they need backup. The most efficient back up is chlorine. Not just any chlorine- Hypochlorous acid, the strongest most pure chlorine you can get.
Best of all you don’t have to buy it, you can make it right in your own pool. Hypochlorous acid –concentrated chlorine is created using a Salt chlorine Generator – This in conjunction with UVO3 provides the healthiest swimming environment for the entire family 
Step 1
The salt generator generates pure chlorine by passing the pool water between titanium plates that are electrically charged
Do I need a special pump or filter to use the UVO3?.
No any type of pool pump or filter system will work. Since the UVO3 regulates the amount of flow going thru the system you can use either a single speed, 2 speed or variable speed pump.


Frequently Asked Questions

Step 2
When the saltwater passes through the cell a chemical reaction instantaneously transform the saltwater into pure chlorine (hypochlorous acid) also know as HCIO
Step 3
The Remaining chlorine HCIO breaks down with exposure to sunlight and converts back to salt
Step 4
The genius of the system is that it self regenerates - Making the purchase of both salt and chlorine unnecessary.

The Salt Chlorine Generator insures that the "natural" chlorine levels are perfect each and every time

How salt is processed in to natural chlorine






How do I know my UVO3 is working?
Your UVO3 controller is equipped with a blue light that surrounds the entire controller. This light is not there just to look nice, it has a purpose. When you see the blue light, and its visible from across the yard - your UVO3 is working to keep your pool water clean and pure.
If the water is clear, and my normal test strip read that my levels are good, it must be okay? Right?
That used to be the way pool water was tested, if it is clear it is ok, if it is green or cloudy – maybe not. This is not even close to accurate. You cannot see THM’s, or parasites. Even the tried and true observation of “There must be a lot of chlorine in the pool, I can smell it” is wrong. The only way to know the pool water is ok is to make it Ok


Where do I get my UVO   ?
Don't go another day with an unhealthy pool
keeping your family safe, is your top priority

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Rating: 5
Since my Renaissance UVo3 was installed my pool has never been clearer, best of all I know my children are protected.

Jennifer - Massapequa NY

Kevin - West Babylon NY

Rating: 5
I love my new Renaissance UVO3 Not only does my pool sparkle, I haven't had to play chemist with my pool all summer.
Rating: 5
The UVO3 is fantastic. I do nothing and my pool is the envy of my neighbors. My pool would always smell like chlorine. It all stopped when our unit was installed. 

Thomas - Levittown  NY

Arthur - Holtsville  NY

Rating: 5
You can't put a price on the peace of mind I have since my UVO3 was installed. Not only do I enjoy the pool more, I sleep a lot better at night too. 



The video says we should shower before entering the pool?
Yes, we recommend installing a solar shower near the pool. Solar showers are an inexpensive way to help combat crypto


What does UVO3 come with

UVO3 comes with Ultra Violet Unit, Ozone Unit, and Salt Generator Unit. Everything you need to fight crypto and maintain a healthy, and clean pool for your family.



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